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HP MSA500 G2 Modular Smart Array MSA500G2 UW320 4-Port SCSI I/O Module REF

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HP MSA500 G2 Modular Smart Array UW320 4-Port SCSI I/O Module  REF

MSA-500 G2 Controller: 335882-B21

Zustand: refurbished, 12 Monate ip4 Gewährleistung

Part/Assembly Number(s): 70-41003-02
Option/Retail Part Number: 346808-001
Spare Number(s): 343825-001

Produktbeschreibung vom Hersteller ip4-shop HP QuickSpecHP-Modular-Smart-Array-MSA500G2

Modular Smart Array Family:

The HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array family delivers simple, affordable storage technology to meet today's demanding and growing IT needs. These storage solutions offer the best price/performance and best price/availability features for direct attach environments, small clusters, workgroups and entry-level SAN environments. Each solution is designed to be easy to deploy, secure, reduce management costs, while driving rapid return on investment.

Modular Smart Array 500 G2:

  • High performance Modular Smart Array controller(s) with LCD for system status messages.
  • 256-MB Battery Backed Cache, upgradeable to 512 MB maximum.
  • Optional redundant Modular Smart Array controller.
  • 4.2U rack mount chassis combining both the controller and disk shelf.
  • Selective Storage Presentation (SSP) for storage sharing with multiple servers (LUN Masking)
  • 4.2TB capacities with support of 14 Ultra320, Ultra3 and Ultra2 HP Universal Drives.
  • Redundant power supplies and fans are standard.
  • RAID levels 0, 1, 1+0, 5, RAID ADG.
  • Rapid Drive Rebuild technology accelerating RAID 5 and RAID ADG drive rebuild rates
  • Optional MSA 4-Port I/O Module with Smart Array Multipath software
  • Convertible to MSA 1000 for capacity expansion and increased host connections
  • Remote configuration and monitoring via Array Configuration Utility & System Insight Manager.
  • Qualified and certified for Windows, Linux and NetWare clustering

Support for ProLiant servers (see Server Compatibility on page 14 or http://www.hp.com/go/msa for latest

Modular Smart Array 500 G2 Highlights:

High Levels of Performance, Data Protection and Functionality

  • High Availability ? supports a broad range of clustering options for Microsoft Windows Server, Linux Server and Novell NetWare environments.
  • High Performance ? 14,000 IO/s in a 2 host, 14 drive environment. Double the workload performance of 1st generation MSA500.
  • Storage Capacity ? The Modular Smart Array 500 G2 cabinet supports up to fourteen 1" Universal hard drives, for a maximum of 4.2TB of shared storage capacity using HP 300GB Ultra320 SCSI Universal 1" hard drives.
  • Data Protection ? Modular Smart Array 500 G2 is designed for a high level of data protection. It includes redundant controllers (optional), redundant fans and power supplies (standard) multiple I/O path capability with Smart Array Multipath software option, batterybacked cache and RAID ADG (standard).
  • Storage Manageability ? The Smart Array Controllers feature familiar configuration and management tools such as HP Smart Array Configuration Utility and Insight Manager.
  • Online Management Features: Online Capacity Expansion (single path only), Online RAID Level Migration, Online Stripe Size Migration, Online Spares (Global), User Selectable Read/Write cache, User Selectable Expand and Rebuild Priority.
  • Choice of Computing Platform ? The Modular Smart Array 500 G2 is designed and qualified for ProLiant servers.
  • Advanced Data Guarding (RAID ADG) Fault Tolerance ? This is the highest level of RAID fault tolerance. It allocates two sets of parity data across drives and allows simultaneous write operations.
  • This level of fault tolerance can withstand two simultaneous drive failures without downtime or data loss.


  • Zustand: Es handelt sich um Gebrauchtware, welche von unserem Technikerteam getestet wurde. Die Ware ist technisch und optisch in einem einwandfreien Zustand, jedoch können teilweise Gebrauchtspuren zu sehen sein, inkl. 12 Monate ip4 Gewährleistung.

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