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HP MSA2012FC 2x 2 Port 4 Gbit/s Dual-Controller 12x 300GB HP SAS SAN-Storage REF

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HP MSA2012FC 2x 2 Port Dual-Controller 4 Gbit/s FC 12x HP 300 GB SAS AJ743A REF

Zustand: refurbished ohne seitliche Blenden, 12 Monate ip4 Gewährleistung

Part/Assembly Number(s): na
Option/Retail Part Number: AJ743A
Spare Number(s): na

Festplatten / HDDs:

12x HP 300 GB SAS HDDs

Produktbeschreibung vom Hersteller ip4-shop HP QuickSpecHP-Modular-Smart-Array-MSA2012FC



HP 2000i Modular Smart Array

The HP 2000i Modular Smart Array (MSA2000i) represents the iSCSI model of the MSA2000 family (which includes the MSA2000fc Fibre Channel models), a new generation of HP storage arrays specifically designed for entry-level customers featuring the very latest in functionality and technology at highly affordable price points.

The MSA2000i is an iSCSI GbE connected 2U storage area network (SAN) solution designed for small to medium size deployments or remote locations. It comes in two models - a basic single controller model for low initial cost with the ability to upgrade later; and a model with dual controllers standard for maximum performance. Each model comes standard with twelve drive bays able to simultaneously accommodate 3.5-inch enterprise-class SAS drives and archival-class SATA drives. Additional capacity can easily be added when needed by attaching up to three MSA2000 12 bay drive enclosures. Maximum raw capacity ranges from 5.4TB SAS or 12TB SATA in the base cabinet, to over 21.6TB SAS or 48TB SATA with the addition of the maximum number of drive enclosures. NOTE: there are no additional hidden charges, licenses or fees as you add enclosures or hosts and users. It has been fully tested up to 16 hosts.

The MSA2000 offers many distinct features such as the ability to mix SAS and SATA RAID sets (volumes) within the same enclosure greatly increases the flexibility and economy of assigning mission-critical data and archival data to the proper drive type. The wide variety of RAID levels supported assures the user of just the right level of performance and protection demanded by his application. The capability of implementing controller-based snapshots and clones affordably brings enterprise-class functionality into smaller departments, remote locations, and small but growing companies.

The MSA2000i is a member of HP Modular Smart Array offerings, delivering simple and affordable storage technology to meet today's demanding and growing IT needs. These storage solutions offer excellent price/performance and availability features for direct attach environments, small clusters, workgroups and entry-level SAN environments. Each solution is designed to be easy to deploy, secure, with low management costs, while driving rapid return on investment.

What's New
  • Adding support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64 Hyper-V
  • Expanded 4 and 8 Gb HBA support

HP MSA2000i Modular Smart Array HP 2012i Single Controller Modular Smart Array
HP 2012i Dual Controller Modular Smart Array
HP 2000i Modular Smart Array Controller
HP MSA2000 Single I/O 3.5 in 12 Drive Enclosure (w/ two .6m SAS cables)
HP MSA2000 Dual I/O 3.5 inch 12 Drive Enclosure (w/ two .6m SAS cables)
HP MSA2000 Drive Enclosure I/O Module

Family Information

Capacity (raw)
Minimum / with maximum additional drive enclosures

5.4TB SAS or 12TB SATA
w/ 3 drive enclosures:
21.6TB SAS or 48TB SATA

5.4TB SAS or 12TB SATA
w/ 3 drive enclosures:
21.6TB SAS or 48TB SATA

5.4TB SAS or 12TB SATA
w/ 3 drive enclosures
21.6TB SAS or 48 TB SATA

5.4TB FC or 12TB FATA
w/ 8 drive enclosures
43TB FC or 96 TB FATA

Controller Cache
1 GB per controller
1 GB per controller
1 GB per controller
2 GB per controller
Host connect
MSA2000 has 1 or 2 controllers, EVA has 2 controllers standard

Two 4Gb
Fibre Channel ports
per controller

Two 1GbE
iSCSI ports
per controller

Two 3Gb
SAS ports
per controller

Two 4Gb
Fibre Channel ports
per controller

Maximum Drives
Maximum host supported
Snapshot, remote replication
Snapshot, clone
Snapshot, clone
Snapshot, clone

Snapshot, clone,
remote data replication

Use for Storage
Primary Storage with SAS Secondary with SATA
Primary Storage with SAS Secondary with SATA
Primary Storage with SAS Secondary with SATA
Primary Storage with FC Secondary with FATA
NOTE: maximum available storage capacity depends on the RAID level being implemented, and is based on maximum number of LUNs and LUN size.


  • Zustand: Es handelt sich um Gebrauchtware, welche von unserem Technikerteam getestet wurde. Die Ware ist technisch und optisch in einem einwandfreien Zustand, jedoch können teilweise Gebrauchtspuren zu sehen sein, inkl. 12 Monate ip4 Gewährleistung.

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Frage zum Produkt
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